Deploying Tenant Broker

First you need to install Tenant Broker on a dedicated server. Please note that if you have Parallels RAS already installed on a computer where you are planning to install Tenant Broker, you need to uninstall it first. The two installation versions cannot coexist on the same machine.

To install Tenant Broker:

  1. Run the standard Parallels RAS installer.

  2. On the Select Installation Type page, select Parallels RAS Tenant Broker.

  3. Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions.

Once the installation is finished, run the Parallels RAS Console.

When the console starts, you'll see that it has a different set of categories and managed objects compared to the standard RAS Console. The purpose of the Tenant Broker console is to manage shared resources and Tenants. It is not used to manage RD Sessions Hosts, VDI, or any other standard RAS resources because they are deployed and managed in individual Tenant Farms.

The Tenant Broker console

You can manage the following categories and object in the Tenant Broker console:

  • Farm. This category allows you to manage Tenants, Gateways, Connection Brokers, HALB, and Certificates. The Settings subcategory allows you to manage global logging and the Tenant Broker itself.

  • Administration. Allows you to perform management tasks similar to the standard RAS Console: Accounts, Settings, Mailbox, Reporting, Settings Audit.

  • Information. Lists services and components running in the Tenant Broker and their status.

As with the standard RAS Console, every time you modify any of the objects, you need to click the Apply button for the changes to be saved in the configuration database.

Install RAS Secure Gateways

By default, Tenant Broker does not have any RAS Secure Gateways installed. To add a Gateway, log in to the Tenant Broker console, navigate to Farm > Secure Gateways and click Tasks > Add. If you already have one or more RAS Secure Gateways, which are not used in any other RAS Farm, you can also add such a Gateway to the Tenant Broker. Please note that existing RAS Secure Gateway installations must be RAS version 17.1 or newer. Gateways from older RAS versions cannot operate as shared gateways.

To install a new gateway, run the Parallels RAS installer on a desired server, choose Custom and select the RAS Secure Gateway component. After the installation is finished, go back to the Tenant Broker console and add the gateway to the Tenant Broker.

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