Configure User Portal

User Portal is a functionality built into RAS Secure Gateway that allows users to connect to Parallels RAS and open published resources from a web browser using the Parallels Web Client. The client works similarly to a platform-specific Parallels Client, but does not require any additional software to be installed on users' computers or devices. All that users need is an HTML5-enabled web browser.

This section describes how to configure User Portal in the Parallels RAS Console. For the information about how to use it, please refer to the Parallels Web Client and User Portal chapter.

Note: To use Web Client and User Portal, SSL must be enabled on a RAS Secure Gateway. When enabling the client, please verify that SSL is enabled on the SLL/TLS tab or on your network load balancer. Please also note that the User Portal tab is only available if the gateway mode is set to "Normal". For more information, see Gateway mode and forwarding settings.

To configure User Portal, click the User Portal tab in the RAS Secure Gateway properties dialog and then set the options described in the subsequent sections.

For the information on how to configure the Web Client URL and how to access the client from a web browser, please Web request load balancing.

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