SSL server configuration

When configuring RAS Secure Gateway to use SSL encryption, you should pay attention to how the SSL server is configured to avoid possible traps and security issues. Specifically, the following SSL components should be rated to determine how good the configuration is:

  • The certificate, which should be valid and trusted.

  • The protocol, key exchange, and cipher should be supported.

The assessment may not be easy to perform without specific knowledge about SSL. That's why we suggest that you use the SSL Server Test available from Qualys SSL Labs. This is a free online service that performs an analysis of the configuration of an SSL web server on the public Internet. To perform the test on a RAS Secure Gateway, you may need to temporarily move it to the public Internet.

The test is available at the following URL:

You can read a paper from Qualys SSL Labs describing the methodology used in the assessment at the following URL:

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