Wyse ThinOS support

To publish applications from the Parallels RAS to thin clients using the Wyse ThinOS, select the Enable Wyse ThinOS support option on the Wyse tab.

Note: The Wyse tab is only available if the gateway mode is set to normal. See Gateway mode and forwarding settings for more info.

By enabling this option, the RAS Secure Gateway will act as a Wyse broker. You need to make sure that DHCP option 188 on your DHCP server is set to the IP address of this gateway for thin clients that will be booting via this Secure Gateway. Once the DHCP server is configured, click the Test button to verify the DHCP server settings.

The Do not warn if server certificate is not verified option can be selected (enabled) if a Wyse device shows an SSL warning when connecting to a RAS Secure Gateway because the hostname does not match the certificate. When the option is selected, the Secure Gateway will send Wyse clients the following parameters in the wnos.ini file: SecurityPolicy=low TLSCheckCN=no, which will disable SSL checks. Note that the option is not required if a certificate has the following:

  • The CNAME set to the FQDN of the RAS Secure Gateway.

  • The SAN set to the RAS Secure Gateway IP address.

Note that if you use a custom wnos.ini in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\ApplicationServer\AppData\wnos" folder on Secure Gateway, the Secure Gateway will not send the SSL check parameters.

If you configure DHCP option 188 to set the broker address to a given Secure Gateway, you can verify this by clicking the Test button.

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