Check an RD Session Host Agent status

An RD Session Host must have RAS RD Session Host Agent installed in order to publish remote applications and desktop from it. In addition to this, Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services) must also be installed.

Normally when you add an RD Session Host to a Site, the RD Session Host Agent and Remote Desktop Services are installed by default. However, if you skipped the installation (or uninstalled the agent or RDS from the server), you can check their status and take appropriate actions if needed.

To check the status of RD Session Host Agent and RDS, do the following:

  1. First, check the Status column in the RD Session Hosts list. The column should display "OK". If so, the Agent is installed and functioning properly. If not, read on.

  2. In addition to the description, the Status column uses a color code to indicate the agent status as follows:

    • Red — not verified

    • Orange — needs update

    • Green — verified

  3. Right-click a server and click Troubleshooting > Check agent in the context menu. The Agent Information dialog opens.

  4. If the agent is not installed on the server, click the Install button and follow the instructions on the screen.

After the agent installation is complete, you may need to reboot the RD Session Host. You can do it right from the Parallels RAS Console by selecting the server and clicking Tasks > Control > Reboot.

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