Using default settings

The server properties dialog consists of tabs, each containing their own specific set of properties. All tabs, except General, have either Group Defaults or Site defaults link, which allows you to view and modify default settings. If you want the properties on a particular tab to inherit default settings, select the Inherit default settings option. When you do, the default settings will be inherited from one of the following:

  • Group defaults. Groups are described in Grouping and cloning RD Session Host Servers.

  • Site defaults. Note that a group may also inherit Site defaults, but this can be overridden in the group properties dialog where you can specify custom settings for a group.

To view or modify default settings, click the Group Defaults or Site defaults link. Note that each individual tab can inherit default settings independently from other tabs.

To specify custom settings for an RD Session Host, clear the Inherit default settings option and use the controls on a given tab to set the desired options.

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