Viewing RD Session Hosts

To view the list of RD Session Hosts for the current Site:

  1. In the RAS Console, navigate to Farm > <Site-name> > RD Session Hosts.

  2. The available RD Session Hosts are displayed on the RD Session Hosts tab in the right pane.

You can filter the RD Session Hosts list as follows:

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon, which is located on a toolbar above the list.

  2. An extra row is displayed at the top of the list where you can type a string in one or more columns that will be used to filter the list.

  3. For example, if you want to search for a server by its name, enter the text in the Server column. You can type the entire server name or the first few characters until a match is found. The list will be filtered as you type and only the matching server(s) will be displayed.

  4. If you type a filter string in more than one column, they will be combined using the logical AND operator.

  5. To remove the filter and display the complete list, click the magnifying glass icon again.

  6. If you click the magnifying glass icon one more time, you'll see that the filter that you specified earlier is still there. To remove it completely, simply delete the filter string(s) from the column(s).

Viewing RD Session Host summary

In addition to the RD Session Hosts editor described above, you can also see the summary about the available RD Session Hosts. To do so:

  1. In the RAS Console, select the Farm category and then select the Site node in the middle pane.

  2. The available servers are displayed in the RD Session Hosts host pool in the right pane.

  3. To go to the RD Session Host editor (described above), right-click a server and choose Show in the Editor.

For additional info, see Sites in the RAS Console.

Available menu options

You can perform a number of tasks on the an RD Session Host using menus. To do so, click the Tasks drop-down list and choose a desired option, or right-click a host and choose an option from the context menu.

Please note that not all menu options are available for RD Session Hosts based on a template. If an option is not available for this host type, it will be either disabled or hidden. These include:

  • Assign to host pool. Host pool assignment is performed automatically for template-based hosts.

  • Delete. Deleting a host (which is a VM) can only be done on the template level (the Host List dialog).

  • Properties. RD Session Hosts of this type don't have individual properties. Some essential properties are inherited from Default Server Properties (see View and Modify RD Session Host Properties > Agent Settings).

  • Control (logon commands). Drain mode is managed automatically by the host pool to which a template-based host belongs.

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