GDPR compliance

The Parallels RAS reporting database contains information about users, which may possibly include personal user information. To conform to GDPR, Parallels RAS gives you the ability to clear user data from the database at any time. Parallels RAS Reporting Tools is a simple application that you can use to perform this task. The tool is installed automatically when you install Parallels RAS.

To clear user data:

  1. On the computer where you have Parallels RAS installed, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\RAS Reporting.

  2. In the folder specified above, locate and run the RASReportingTools application.

  3. When the application starts, enter a user name in the User data field and click Find user. If the user is found, the user information is displayed. If the user is not found, it means that the RAS reporting database doesn't have any information about that user.

  4. To see the user information contained in the RAS reporting database, click the Show full user information button. This will open the Full User Information report in a web browser (note that this report is also available in the Reporting category in the RAS Console). Examine the report to determine if any of the user information is subject to GDPR requirements.

  5. To clear the user data, go back to the Parallels RAS Reporting Tool app and click the Clear user data button. When asked, confirm that you want to clear the data.

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