Generating a certificate signing request (CSR)

To generate a CSR, navigate to Farm > Site > Certificates. Click Tasks > Generate a certificate request. In the dialog that opens, specify the required information. The information is exactly the same as for the self-signed certificate described above. If you need an explanation, please refer to the list of options described in that section.

After entering the information, click Generate. Another dialog will open displaying the request. Copy and paste the request into a text editor and save the file for your records. The dialog also allows you to import a public key at this time. You can submit the request to a certificate authority now, obtain the public key, and import it without closing the dialog, or you can do it later. If you close the dialog, the certificate will appear in the RAS Console with the Status column indicating Requested.

To submit the request to a certificate authority and import a public key:

  1. If the certificate request Properties dialog is closed, open it by right-clicking a certificate and choosing Properties. In the dialog, select the Request tab.

  2. Copy the request and paste it into the certificate authority web page (or email it, in which case you will need to come back to this dialog later).

  3. Obtain the certificate file from the certificate authority.

  4. Click the Import public key button and finalize the certificate registration by specifying the key file and the certificate file.

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