Importing a certificate

To import a certificate from a file, on the Certificates tab, click Tasks > Import certificate. In the dialog that opens, specify the following:

  • Name: Type a name for the certificate.

  • Description: An optional description.

  • Private key file: Specify a file containing the private key. Click the [...] button to browse for the file.

  • Certificate file: When you specify a private key file (above) and have a matching certificate file, it will be inserted in this field automatically. Otherwise, specify a certificate file.

  • Usage: Specify whether the certificate will be used for RAS Secure Gateways or HALB, or both.

Click OK when done. The certificate will appear in the list in the RAS Console with the Status column indicating Imported.

To view the certificate info, right-click it and choose Properties. In the dialog that opens, examine the properties and then click the View certificate info button to view the certificate trust information, details, certification path and the certificate status. You can also view the certificate info by right-clicking it and choosing View certificate info.

For imported certificates, the Properties dialog has an additional tab Intermediate. If the original certificate included an intermediate certificate (in addition to the root certificate), it will be displayed here. You can paste a different intermediate certificate here if you wish.

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