How Parallels RAS requests certificates from Let's Encrypt

When you create a new Let’s Encrypt certificate using Parallels RAS, the following process is carried out:

  1. Parallels RAS Primary Connection Broker that hosts the licensing role makes the initial request to the Let’s Encrypt server to create an account.

  2. Account creation confirmation is received. Parallels RAS creates a CSR and sends it to the Let’s Encrypt server.

  3. A list of challenges is received, and Connection Broker reads the HTTP token sent by the Let’s Encrypt server.

  4. Secure Gateway or HALB retrieves the tokens from the Connection Broker.

  5. Once ready, Connection Broker notifies the Let’s Encrypt Server.

  6. Let’s Encrypt starts the verification process by going to the Secure Gateway or HALB and confirming the availability of the token.

  7. Challenges are completed including confirmation that the Secure Gateways or HALB can reply to the domain mentioned.

  8. Assuming that the challenge is completed successfully, Parallels RAS requests a certificate.

  9. Valid certificate is downloaded from the Let’s Encrypt server to Connection Broker.

  10. Connection Broker distributes the certificate to the Secure Gateways or HALB.

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