Permissions to manage certificates

Root and Power administrators always have rights to manage certificates. Custom administrators don't have them by default. To grant permissions to manage certificates to Power administrators, the Certificates global permission type is used.

If you are a Root or Power administrator, you can set certificate permissions as follows:

  1. In the RAS Console, navigate to Administration > Accounts.

  2. Select a Custom administrator account and click Tasks > Properties.

  3. In the Account Properties dialog, click Change Permissions.

  4. In the Account Permissions dialog, select a Site in the left pane and click Change permissions (or click the Edit link in the right pane).

  5. In the left pane (Permission type), select Certificates.

  6. In the right pane (Global permissions), select one or more permissions.

  7. When done, close all dialogs.

A RAS administrator can also delegate his/her permissions to a custom administrator. To do so, navigate to Farm > Site > Certificates and click Tasks > Delegate permissions. In the dialog that opens, delegate permissions to a desired Custom administrator.

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