Upgrading from an older RAS version

When you upgrade Parallels RAS from a version prior to RAS 17.1 to a RAS 17.1 (or newer), every certificate that is used by RAS Secure Gateways and HALB is enumerated and only unique certificates are added to the Certificates subcategory. Gateways and HALB are then linked 1-to-1 to the certificates they were using before the upgrade.

Other actions related to an upgrade include the following:

  • The Inherit defaults option in gateways is turned off after the upgrade.

  • If a gateway is disabled during an upgrade, the Connection Broker still has the information about the certificate that the gateway uses, so the gateway is configured properly when it comes back online.

  • Site defaults settings are configured to use the default self-signed certificate.

  • When a new gateway is added, it is configured to use the default self-signed certificate, provided the Site defaults are not changed afterwards.

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