Adding scanning applications

Adding a scanning application

TWAIN applications that will use the Universal Scanning feature have to be added in the TWAIN tab by selecting the TWAIN Applications button so they can use the Twain driver, hence making it easier for the administrator to set them up.

To add an application to the list of scanning applications:

  1. With the Universal Scanning category selected in the RAS Console, click the TWAIN tab.

  2. Click the Twain Applications button (below the Servers in Site list) and then click Add.

  3. In the TWAIN Applications dialog, click Tasks > Add and browse for the application executable. Select the executable and click Open.

Note: Some applications might use different or multiple executables. Make sure that all required executables are added to the list of scanning applications.

Deleting a scanning application

To delete a scanning application from the list, highlight it and click Tasks > Delete.

Note: If you delete an application from the list, the installation of the application will not be affected.

You can also specify a universal scanning compression policy. For more info see Client Policies > Experience.

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