Policy information in Parallels Client

When a policy is applied to a user device, the information about it is displayed in Parallels Client. The information can be used to verify that the correct policy was delivered to a user device. The following information is included:

  • ID: The policy ID as displayed in the ID field in the Policies list in the RAS Console.

  • Version: The policy version number as displayed in the Version field in the Policies list in the RAS Console.

  • RAS Connection: The name of the connection through which the policy was delivered. Displayed only on mobile devices and in Web Client.

By comparing the information above in Parallels Client running on a user device and the information in the RAS Console, you can see which policy was applied to a user device.

To see the applied policy information for a connection:

  • In Parallels Client for Windows / Mac / Linux, open the Connection Properties dialog. The information is displayed at the bottom of a tab page to which the policy was applied.

  • In Parallels Client for Android, the information is displayed at the bottom of the Settings screen.

  • In Parallels Client for iOS, open the Edit RAS Connection screen and tap View Applied Server Policy (as the bottom).

  • In RAS Web Client, the information is displayed in the Settings dialog.

Please note that when all of the connection properties in Parallels Client are managed through client policies, the user can still open the Connection Properties dialog, but it will contain a single tab displaying the applied policy information. If only some of the connection properties are managed through policies, the user will be able to see those tabs and the applied policy information that they contain.

When a policy includes global policy options, you can view the applied policy information in Parallels Client as follows:

  • In Parallels Client for Windows and Linux, open the Options dialog (click Tools > Options).

  • In Parallels Client for Mac, open Preferences (click Parallels Client > Preferences).

The applied policy information is displayed at the bottom of the dialog, similar to how it is displayed for the connection.

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