Enabling Help Desk support for users

Parallels Client provides users with the ability to send a support request, together with a problem report, to your organization's help desk.

Note: At the time of this writing, this functionality is only available in Parallels Client for iOS and Parallels Client for Android. Support for other clients will be added in future releases.

To enable Help Desk support for users, do the following:

  1. In the RAS Console, select the Features category.

  2. Select the Enable Helpdesk functionality in Parallels Client option and specify your help desk email address in the field provided. This email address will be updated in Parallels Client every time a user connects to Parallels RAS from it.

Help desk can be accessed in Parallels Client from the Help section (or menu). When the user selects the Request support from helpdesk item, a local email client will open. The following information will be prefilled in the email:

  • Help desk email address (the one you set in the RAS Console).

  • Application name.

  • A screenshot.

  • User name.

  • Application version.

  • Operating system version.

The user can provide their own description of the request.

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