Monitoring devices

Device monitoring allows you to view devices which are connected to the Farm or have established a connection at least once in the past. To monitor devices, select the Device Manager category in the Parallels RAS Console and click the Devices manager tab in the right pane. The information for a device includes:

  • Device name

  • IP address

  • State (see below for the list of states)

  • Last user (who used a device)

  • MAC address

  • OS version

  • Parallels Client version

  • Group (if a device is a member of a device group)

  • Gateway name (the RAS Secure Gateway a device is connected to)

  • Gateway IP address

Device states

Devices that connect to Parallels RAS can have any of the following states:

  • Off: Device is switched off.

  • Connected: Device is connected.

  • Logged On: Devices is logged on to the system.

  • Standalone: Device has previously connected to the Parallels RAS but is not using Parallels Client, therefore it cannot be managed.

  • Not Support: Device is not supported by the Parallels RAS.

  • Foreign Managed: Connecting to the Farm but managed by a different Farm.

  • Not Manageable: Client not manageable due to incompatible client version or uninstalled component.

  • Locked. Device has an active session in locked status.

  • Pair Pending. Connection should be refreshed on the client side; port UDP 20009 is blocked from the client to gateway; client management port is disabled on the gateway.

Switching off device monitoring

If you use third-party endpoint management solutions and do not need Parallels RAS device monitoring, you can switch it off on the Device Manager > Options tab. It helps you to save computing resources and may improve performance of the RAS Console.

To switch off device monitoring:

  1. In the RAS Console, navigate to Device Manager > Options.

  2. Clear the Enable device manager option.

  3. Click Yes and Apply.

As soon as you switch off device monitoring, the RAS Console stops tracking connected devices and deletes device connection history, which is displayed on the Device Manager > Device Manager tab. After that you can still view information about current connections in the Sessions category.

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