Microsoft Azure and templates

When creating a template for cloning VMs in Microsoft Azure, you need to select an Azure resource group where VM clones will be created. Note that this must be a group to which you granted permissions to the Microsoft Entra ID application. You also need to select a VM size and disk type to be used for cloned VMs. These settings are specified on the Advanced page of the Create Template Wizard.

Both Virtual Desktop and RD Session Host templates can be created with Microsoft Azure as a Provider. When VMs are cloned, you will see them appear in the RAS Console. At the same time, you can also see them in the Microsoft Azure portal.

Note: If there are multiple RAS installations using the same subscription, then the workaround is to change the Provider Agent application read access from subscription level to resource group level or a set of resource groups. This is necessary to avoid a situation when a given Provider Agent intersects with the set of resource groups of another Provider Agent application.

For complete information about creating and using templates, including Microsoft Azure specifics, please see the Templates section.

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