Configure logging

To configure logging and retrieve or clear existing log files, right-click a Provider, choose Troubleshooting > Logging in the context menu, and then click one of the following, depending on what you would like to do: Configure, Retrieve, or Clear. For the information on how to perform these tasks, see the Logging section. Please also read the important information below.

Note that logging of Provider operations is performed on the RAS Provider Agent level. When you configure logging for a Provider, you are essentially configuring it for the RAS Provider Agent that services this Provider. This means that if you are using the built-in RAS Provider Agent, its logging configuration applies to all Providers that it services. Consider the following scenarios:

  • When you retrieve log files for a specific Provider serviced by the built-in Provider Agent, the files will contain logs for all Providers serviced by the same agent.

  • If you clear log files for a particular Provider, you should be careful because the logs will be cleared for all Providers if they are serviced by the same built-in Provider Agent. The RAS Console will prompt you if you try to delete such a shared log.

If a Provider has a dedicated Provider Agent, which services this host only, none of the above applies.

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