Managing hosts in pools

Hosts that belong to a pool (and other hosts and desktops) are managed on the VDI > Desktops tab, where you can perform all of the standard desktop management operations from the Tasks menu. The operations include Recreate, Delete, Upgrade all Agents, Assign, Unassign, Show sessions, Start, Stop, Restart, Suspend, Reset, and others. The Restart operation (graceful) has a 10 min timeout. If not completed during this time, the Reset operation (forced) will be used.

By default, the Desktops tab displays all of the desktop available in the Farm (you may need to scroll the list to see all available desktops). To see just the hosts that belong to a specific pool, select a pool in the Pools tab and click Tasks > Show hosts in Pool. This will switch you to the Desktops tab where the list will be automatically filtered to include only the VMs that belong to the selected pool.

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