Checking the RAS Provider Agent status

To verify that the RAS Provider Agent is installed and functions properly, do the following:

  1. First, you can look at the Status column in the Farm > Site > Providers list. If there's a problem with the agent, the column will display an appropriate description. Note that in addition to the description, the Status column uses a color code to indicate the agent status as follows:

    • Red — Not Verified

    • Orange — Needs Update

    • Green — Verified

  2. Right-click a host and then click Troubleshooting > Check agent in the context menu.

  3. The Provider Agent Information dialog opens displaying the information about the Provider Agent, VDI Services, and other related info.

  4. If the Provider Agent is not installed, click the Install button and follow the onscreen instructions. See RAS Provider Agent installation options for more info.

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