Parallels Test Template Wizard

The Parallels RAS Test Template Wizard is used to test the health of a template. The wizard allows you to see that all post-prep activities for a template complete correctly. This includes checking DHCP settings, DNS registration, correct VLAN, joining the AD domain, correct target OU, etc.

To open the wizard, right-click a template in the Parallels RAS console and choose Test. The test procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. The template is switched temporarily to the "Test" mode designed specifically for this purpose. Please note that while the template is in this mode, all other operations are blocked until the test is finished and the template exits the test mode.

  2. A host is cloned from it to be used for testing. The VM is kept on the server for the duration of the test and will be deleted afterwards.

  3. A series of tests is then run on the host to test the template from which it was created.

  4. Once the test is complete, a report is displayed on the screen showing the test results.

When the wizard starts:

  1. The Welcome page opens. Read the info that it contains and click Next when ready.

  2. The next page displays the list of individual tests that will be performed, including:

    • Check host Agent: This test tries to communicate with the RAS Guest Agent installed in the VM. If the agent responds, it means that the VM has been created and started successfully.

    • Check domain membership: Checks that the computer has joined the AD domain.

    • Check target OU: Checks that the RDP connection to the computer is possible with domain credentials.

    • Launch Parallels Client: This test launches Parallels Client and establishes a connection with the host.

  3. While the test is running, the progress indicator is displayed on the screen. If needed, you can cancel the test at any time by clicking the Cancel button.

  4. Once all tests are completed, you will see a page displaying the test results:

    • Success: If all tests complete successfully, the temporary host will be marked for deletion and the template will be switched back to the normal operation mode.

    • Failure: If one or more tests fail, you will see the corresponding info and will be able to download the log file by clicking the Download log file link. You will also have an option to switch the template to maintenance mode, which will prevent creating hosts from it until it is fixed.

  5. Click Finish to close the wizard.

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