This page is used to configure template distribution to multiple Microsoft Hyper-V hosts. Note that this page will only appear if the source VM is a Microsoft Hyper-V machine. For the description of this feature and requirements, please see Multi-provider template distribution.

To configure template distribution:

  1. Select the Enable multi-provider template distribution option.

  2. In the Available list, select one or more providers and click Add (or Add all to add all available providers). Note that only providers of the same type and subtype as the source VM are displayed in this list.

  3. In the Number of providers for concurrent distribution field, specify the number of concurrent distribution operations. The template is distributed to target hosts using Hyper-V Live Migration, which first exports the virtual machine to a file and then moves it to the destination host. For each host in the Target list, a Live Migration operation must be performed. The number specified here dictates how many network copy operations should be started at the same time. The larger the number, the more network resources will be required. Note that virtual machine exports (the first step of Live Migration) are always done one VM at a time, so the number you specify here affect only the copy operations.

Note: The Enable multi-provider template distribution setting cannot be modified (selected or cleared) once the template is created. If later you decide to turn it on or off (enable or disable the feature), you will need to delete and re-recreate the entire template. You can, however, add or remove Providers to/from an existing template.

When done, click Next to proceed to the next wizard page.

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