License keys

On the License Keys page, specify the license key information that will be used to activate virtual machines created from this template.

First, select the license key management type that you are using in your organization (KMS or MAK). Parallels recommend to use KMS because MAK has limited activations.

Key Management Service (KMS): If you are using KMS, click the Finish button to save the template configuration information. Virtual machines that will be created from this template will look for KMS in DNS (at the end of the OS mini-setup and domain joining) and will be activated accordingly.

Note: If you are using KMS activation and RASPrep, the source host must be activated using KMS before you create a template from it. If the host has already been activated using another method (retail key or MAK), you need to convert it to KMS activation. For the information on how to do it, please read the following article from Microsoft:

Multiple Activation Keys (MAK): If you are using MAK, do the following:

  1. Click the Add button and type a valid key in the License key field.

  2. In the Max. guests field, specify the key limit. The limit should be greater than or equal to the max guests in the template (which you set on the first page of the wizard)

  3. Click OK.

Note: Parallels RAS does not keep the old MAK key in hosts if it was updated in the Parallels template properties.

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