Manually adding a host

Hosts are created from a template automatically. In a situation when one or more additional hosts are required, you can add (create) them manually.

To add a host:

  1. In the RAS Console, navigate to Farm > <Site> > VDI > Hosts.

  2. Click the [+] icon at the top of the list.

  3. In the Add Hosts dialog that opens, select a template from which to create a new host,

  4. Specify the number of hosts to create. If the number you specify exceeds the Maximum hosts value set in the host pool properties (taking into account the number of VMs that already exist), you'll see a warning message and will need use a lower number or change the maximum host number on the Provisioning tab of the host pools properties.

  5. Click OK to close the dialog.

  6. After you click Apply in the RAS Console, the new hosts will appear in the list on the Desktop tab with the Status column saying "Cloning". Once the cloning is complete, the new hosts become available to users.

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