Adding Remote PCs to a pool

Note: To be managed in a Remote PC pool, a Remote PC must have RAS Guest Agent installed. For more information, see the RAS Guest Agent installation options.

Once you assigned PCs to a Provider, you can add them to a Remote PC pool as follows:

  1. In Farm > <Site> > VDI, select the Pools tab.

  2. Add a new pool by clicking Tasks > Add in the Pools pane.

  3. Select the pool that you've created and then in the Members pane, click Tasks > Add and choose one of the following:

    • All Hosts in Host: Adds all Remote PCs assigned to the Provider. When you click this option, a dialog opens allowing you to select a Provider. Select the host and click OK.

    • Host: Adds an individual Remote PC. In the dialog that opens, select a desired Remote PC and click OK. Another dialog may open asking you to upgrade RAS Guest Agent on a Remote PC (the agent is required for a PC to be managed in a pool). Click OK to upgrade (or install) the agent. You can also upgrade the RAS Guest Agent on one or more PCs at another time as described in RAS Guest Agent installation options.

Once you add one or more Remote PCs to a pool, they will appear in the Pool management tab and in the Desktops tab.

Tip: If you need to disable the pool for maintenance, you can do so by clearing the checkbox in front of the pool name.

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