Managing Remote PCs in a pool

Management of pool-based Remote PCs includes assigning a PC to a specific user, upgrading the RAS Guest Agent, viewing and modifying PC properties, performing some standard administrative tasks, and some others.

To manage Remote PCs in a pool:

  1. In Farm > <Site> > VDI, select the Desktops tab.

  2. Note that the list on this tab includes all managed desktops, including hosts and pool-based Remote PCs. You can order the list by the Pool column to see Remote PCs assigned to a particular pool.

  3. Select a Remote PC, click the Tasks drop-down list and choose one of the options described below. Note that not all options available in the Tasks menu are applicable to Remote PCs. The list below describes only the options that you can use with pool-based Remote PCs.

The Tasks menu options that apply to Remote PCs are:

  • Upgrade all Agents. Upgrade RAS Guest Agent in all Remote PCs (and hosts) in the list.

  • Assign. Assign a Remote PC to a specific user (make a PC persistent). Click the menu option and specify a user.

  • Unassign. Remove the user assignment (persistence) from a Remote PC.

  • Show sessions. Switches the view to the Sessions tab and displays the session information.

  • Tools. Allows to perform a set of standard operations, such as establishing a remote desktop connection, pinging, rebooting/shutting down a Remote PC, and others. For the description of power operations, please see Performing power operations below.

  • Troubleshooting. Check and install/upgrade the RAS Guest Agent in a Remote PC.

  • Reset properties. Resets Remote PC properties to their default values. See Properties below.

  • Properties. Opens a dialog where you can view and modify Remote PC settings. The General tab allows you to temporarily disable the Remote PC in a pool (use the Do not use this host option). This is specifically useful when you need to perform maintenance tasks on a PC. You can also view and modify the Remote PC display name, computer name, and the port number on which it communicates with the Provider. For the description of Settings and Security tabs, see Site defaults.

Performing power operations

For remote power operations to work, WMI must be enabled in Windows running in a VM and TCP ports 30004 and 30005 must be open. At the time of this writing, this is not automated in Parallels RAS but will be in future versions.

To perform power operations on a host (start, stop, restart, suspend, reset), open the VDI > Desktops tab, select a host, then click Tasks and choose an operation that you want to perform (for start and stop operations, you can click the corresponding icons at the top). The restart operation (graceful) has a 10 min timeout. If not completed during this time, the reset operation (forced) will be used.

Please note if you are using Nutanix AHV (AOS), the suspend operation is not available (the Suspend icon is disabled). The reason for this is Nutanix AHV (AOS) does not support the suspend operation on its virtual machines.

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