Persistent Remote PCs

A persistent Remote PC is a PC assigned to a particular user. Once a PC is assigned, no other user can connect to it.

There are two ways to make a Remote PC persistent:

  • When you publish a resource (application, desktop, etc.) from a pool-based Remote PC using the publishing wizard, you can select the Persistent option in the Virtual Guest Settings section. This way, a Remote PC in a pool will be assigned to the first user that opens the published resource. For more info, see Publishing from a pool-based Remote PC.

  • You can also assign a Remote PC to a user manually. To do so, navigate to Farm > <Site> > VDI, select the Desktops tab, then select a Remote PC in the list and click Tasks > Assign. In the dialog that opens, specify the target user.

To remove persistence from a Remote PC, select it in the Desktops tab and click Tasks > Unassign.

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