RAS Guest Agent installation options

To be managed in a Remote PC pool, a Remote PC must have RAS Guest Agent installed. This can be done using one of the following options:

  • When you add an individual Remote PC to a pool, you'll be asked to upgrade the agent. Follow the onscreen instructions and install or upgrade it.

  • When you add all Remote PCs in a host to a pool at once, you can add them first and then use the Tasks > Upgrade all Agents menu option in the Desktops tab.

  • When you assign Remote PCs to a Provider via Active Directory, you can have a Group Policy in the OU with a script to deploy the agent. See Configuring the Provider > Dynamic (VDI subtype).

  • To install or upgrade the agent on an individual Remote PC, select it in the Desktops tab and click Tasks > Troubleshooting > Check agent option. In the dialog that opens, click Install.

  • Finally, you can install RAS Guest Agent manually by running the Parallels RAS installer on a Remote PC and selecting to install the RAS Guest Agent component.

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