Install a Parallels Desktop License

prlsrvctl install-license <-k, --key <key>>

Installs a Parallels Desktop license. The -k, --key <key> parameter specifies a Parallels Desktop license key to install.

Optional parameters

-n, --name <name>

The license owner name.

-c, --company <name>

The license company name.


Stores the license for deferred installation. The license will be activated the next time Parallels Desktop is started. If a license has already been activated, it should be deactivated first before using this option. See the prlsrvctl deactivate-license command.


Activates the license over the Internet immediately.

Note: When activating Parallels Desktop Pro or Standard editions, you must be signed in to your Parallels account before executing this command. See Sign into Parallels Account.

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