Physical Hard Drive

Connect a Physical Drive

--device-add hdd --device <real_name> [--iface <ide | scsi | sata>] [--passthr <yes | no>]

[--position <n>] [--subtype <buslogic | lsi-spi | lsi-sas>]


--device: the name of the host computer hard drive that will be connected to the virtual machine. To obtain the names of all hard disks installed on the host, use the prlsrvctl info command.

--iface: virtual hard disk interface type: ide, scsi, sata.

--passthr: enables the passthrough mode for the specified device.

--position: the SCSI / IDE / SATA device identifier to be used for the drive. Allowed ranges:

  • 0-3 for IDE disk drives

  • 0-6 for SCSI disk drives

  • 0-5 for SATA disk drives

--subtype: virtual hard disk subtype: buslogic, lsi-spi, lsi-sas.

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