Clone a Virtual Machine

prlctl clone <vm_id | vm_name> --name <new_name>

Clones (makes an exact copy of) a specified virtual machine. The -name <new_name> parameter specifies a name to give to the new virtual machine.

Optional Parameters


Make the new virtual machine a template.


Set the path to the directory where the virtual machine files will be stored. If omitted, the default location will be used.


Change the current Windows security identifier (SID) of a Windows-based virtual machine template. It requires Parallels Tools to be installed in the virtual machine template.


Regenerate the virtual machine source ID (the SMBIOS product ID will also be changed).


Create a linked clone.

-i, --id <snapid>

Create a linked clone based on a snapshot with a given snapid.

--detach-external-hdd <yes | no>

Specifies what to do with hard disks located outside the source virtual machine file. If you specify yes, outside hard disks will be removed from the destination VM. If you specify no, outside hard disks will remain in the new VM. Please note that in either case, the outside hard disks will NOT be copied to the destination.

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