USB Devices

prlsrvctl usb list [-j, --json] [-c, --compat] [-a, --all]

Lists USB devices installed on the server together with the information on their assignments for the current user. In the compat mode all known USB devices are listed, showing the device name, device ID and autoconnect options. In the new mode (without the [-c, --compat] option), some additional information about the device is shown, such as whether the device is connected to a VM at the current moment. By default, only currently plugged to host devices are shown. To see all devices, call with the [-a, --all] option.

prlsrvctl usb set <usb_dev_id> <vm_uuid | vm_name> | [--autoconnect <ask | host>] | [--vm <vm_uuid | vm_name>]

Either assigns a USB device with ID <usb_dev_id> to the specified virtual machine or configures the action for this device (suggest to connect to active VM or silently connect to host). When the device is configured to connect to a virtual machine, this USB device will be connected to the specified virtual machine when you start the virtual machine or attach the device to the host computer.

prlsrvctl usb del <usb_dev_id>

Removes a specified USB device assignment.

prlsrvctl usb cleanup

Cleans up the database of known USB devices. Sometimes the database becomes broken or too big. This command rebuilds the USB devices database.

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