Creating a VM Dump

prlctl debug-dump <vm_id | vm_name>

[--name <dump_file_name>] [--path <output_directory_path>]

Creates a virtual machine dump in ELF format and saves it to a file. The resulting dump file can be opened with the Linux crash utility or (with some limitations) with the GDB debugger.

Optional Parameters

--name <dump_file_name>

Allows you to specify a dump file name. By default, the file is named memory.elf.dmp. When you create a new dump file, it replaces the previous file (if it exists). Giving it a custom name to a file solves this issue.

--path <output_directory_path>]

By default, dump files are saved to the virtual machine directory. If you want to save them to another directory, specify the directory path using the --path parameter.

Note: To create a dump, the virtual machine must be running or paused. Suspended virtual machines are not supported by this command. The command returns 0 (zero) on success and a non-zero value on failure.

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