Establishing a Serial Connection over TCP

Both Arm and x86 versions support establishing a Serial port connection over TCP. Ports open on the host machine and do not depend on the guest VM's network settings.

Note: You can find more information about setting up a Serial port on a Parallels VM in the respective section of this guide.

Serial over TCP can be used for remote debugging of VMs. You will need to set up your VM as a Server if you want to debug it or as a Client if you want to use it to debug other machines. Begin by choosing New Socket from the Source drop-down menu and type in tcp:// for the Server role or tcp:// for the Client role. Use the Mode drop-down menu to choose the appropriate role. IPv6 is also supported, so you can set up the Server as tcp://[::]:2020 and the Client as tcp://[fe80::1023:163b:ef12:d40e%eth0]:2020.

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