Manage folders

Folders are used to organize published resources and to facilitate filtering options.

There are two types of folders that you can create:

  • Folders for administrative purposes. Folders of this type are intended for Parallels RAS administrators. They are used to logically organize published resources in the RAS Management Portal but they do not appear in the Parallels Client launchpad on user devices. These folders are used to help administrators manage published resources more efficiently.

  • Regular folders. These folders are similar to administrative folders described above but they do appear in the launchpad on user devices. You normally use these folders to group published resources by type (e.g. office applications, specific business applications, utilities, etc.).

Creating a folder

To create a new folder:

  1. Select the Publishing category.

  2. In the Publishing navigation bar, click the ellipsis menu and choose New Folder (or click the folder with a plus-sign icon).

  3. Select a Site from which the folder will be published. Click Next.

  4. Type a name and an optional description.

  5. Select the Use for administrative purposes option if needed (see the explanation above).

  6. Choose an icon or use the default one.

  7. Click Next.

  8. On the next page, specify the initial status of the resource (the folder). Choose from the following options:

    • Enabled: End users can see the folder and will be able to launch published resources that it contains.

    • Disabled: The folder will not appear in Parallels Client.

    • In maintenance: The folder will appear in Parallels Client but users will not be able to launch resources that it contains. If the folder has subfolders, they inherit the status of the parent folder, which means that none of the resources contains in any of the folders in the hierarchy will be accessible to users. When a folder is in maintenance and a user tries to launch a resource from it, they will see a message. To customize the message, click the Configure button. For more info, see Site Defaults (Publishing).

  9. Click Finish to create the folder.

Adding published resources to a folder

To add a published resource to a folder, right-click it and use Move Up or Move Down options to position the resource under the folder icon.

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