Allowing users to discover RAS connections via email address

You can allow users to log in to the RAS Farms by using their email addresses. This way, users can gain access to applications and desktops published on a Farm without knowing the server address or hostname. All native Parallels Clients support finding Parallels RAS Farms by entering an email address.

For users to connect to a Farm using their email addresses, first you need to create a new TXT record in the forward lookup zone of users’ domain on your DNS server. The specific way to do this depends on the configuration of the DNS server.

The syntax of the TXT record is as follows:

Host: _prlsclient

Text : hostname:port/theme;connmode=X;authmode=X

The following parameters are available for the text field:

  • hostname: Hostname of the server where the Secure Gateway resides. This parameter is mandatory.

  • port: Port on which the Secure Gateway listens for incoming connections. This parameter is optional.

  • theme: Theme. This parameter is optional.

  • connmode: connection mode. This parameter is optional. Possible values are 0, 1, 2, 3, where:

    • 0: Gateway mode

    • 1: Direct mode

    • 2: Gateway SSL

    • 3:Direct SSL

  • authmode: Authentication type. This parameter is optional. Possible values are 0, 1, 2, 3, where

    • 0: Credentials

    • 1: SSO

    • 2: Smartcard

    • 3: SAML

Examples of the text value:





After the DNS record is configured, users will be able to log in using their email addresses. For information on how to do that on specific clients, see Parallels Client Guides.

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