Monitoring Tenants

Parallels RAS Performance Monitor is a RAS component used to analyze Parallels RAS deployment bottlenecks and resource usage. RAS Performance Monitor can be used to monitor Tenants and view their performance metrics right from the Tenant Broker console.

To configure RAS Performance Monitor to collect information about Tenants:

  1. Install RAS Performance Monitor as described in Parallels RAS Performance Monitor chapter.

  2. Log in to the Tenant Broker console.

  3. In the console, navigate to Administration > Reporting.

  4. Select the Enable RAS Performance Monitor option (the RAS Performance Monitor configuration section).

  5. In the Server and Port fields, specify the name or IP address of the server where you have RAS Performance Monitor installed.

  6. Click Apply.

  7. Now open a Tenant console and repeat steps 3 to 6 above, so both Tenant Broker and the Tenant are configured to use the same RAS Performance Monitor. This way, when Tenant(s) report their performance data to the RAS Performance Monitor, it can be viewed on the Tenant Broker side.

Tenants will report statistics to RAS Performance Monitor and you can view these statistics in the Tenant Broker console. When viewing the data in the RAS Performance Monitor dashboard, you can switch between Farms and sites, so you can select a specific Tenant and view its performance metrics.

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