FSLogix antivirus exclusions

Make sure to configure the following antivirus exclusions for FSLogix Profile Container virtual hard drives. Make sure to check the following information with your security team.

Exclude files:

  • %Programfiles%\FSLogix\Apps\frxdrv.sys

  • %Programfiles%\FSLogix\Apps\frxdrvvt.sys

  • %Programfiles%\FSLogix\Apps\frxccd.sys

  • %TEMP%*.VHD

  • %TEMP%*.VHDX

  • %Windir%\TEMP*.VHD

  • %Windir%\TEMP*.VHDX

  • \\storageaccount.file.core.windows.net\share**.VHD

  • \\storageaccount.file.core.windows.net\share**.VHDX

Exclude processes:

  • %Programfiles%\FSLogix\Apps\frxccd.exe

  • %Programfiles%\FSLogix\Apps\frxccds.exe

  • %Programfiles%\FSLogix\Apps\frxsvc.exe

When configuring optimizations, you can specify files and processes to exclude in the Windows Defender ATP category. For more information, please see Optimization.

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