The Secure Gateway category can be used to override the default User Portal settings, which are configured for the RAS Secure Gateway. Normally, you shouldn't override the gateway settings if you are running a traditional Parallels RAS Farm and using a single Theme in a Site. Scenarios when overriding the settings may by needed include the following:

  • You have multiple Themes for different groups of users and would like different Themes to behave differently in terms of application launching methods and restrictions.

  • You are using RAS multi-tenant architecture where RAS Secure Gateways are running in Tenant Broker and are shared by Tenants, which are separate Farms. Themes in this kind of deployment are defined on the Tenant level, so each Tenant can have its own Web Client look and feel. Since gateways are shared by Tenants, it is logical to configure these settings on a Theme level, which is exactly what the Secure Gateway category allows you to do. For the complete description of what Tenant Broker and Tenants are, please read the RAS Multi-Tenant Architecture chapter.

To override the RAS Secure Gateway settings, select the Override Secure Gateway settings for the Theme option and then specify your own settings. For the description on how to configure these settings, see Configure Web Client.

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