Client policies

The Policies category allows you to manage Parallels Client policies for users connecting to a Farm. By adding client policies, you can group users and push different Parallels Client settings to user devices forcing them to function as your organization requires.

Settings that can be enforced on user devices include RAS connection properties, display, printing, scanning, audio, keyboard, device, and others. Once you create a policy and push it to a client device, the user of the device cannot modify the settings that the policy enforces. In Parallels Client, this will manifest itself as hidden or disabled connection properties and global preferences.

Supported Parallels Client versions

Parallels Clients for all platforms are supported.

Note: Starting with Parallels RAS v16.5, a new approach is used to manage client policies. In the previous versions, a client policy would apply the full set of parameters and replace the client settings, completely hiding an enforced category. In RAS v16.5 and newer, client policy settings are split into smaller groups with the ability to configure and enforce each group on the client side individually. For information on how this affects existing client policies that were created in an earlier version of Parallels RAS, please read Client policy backward compatibility.

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