Web Client and Themes

One of the important features of the RAS multi-tenant architecture is the ability to use a shared User Portal (which is a part of the RAS Secure Gateway) for all browser-based client connections, while at the same time using tenant-specific Web Client Themes defined on the Tenant side. This allows Service Providers to implement white-labeling by creating unique custom Themes for individual Tenants.

An Web Client Theme is created in a Tenant Farm. The user interface and the functionality remain the same as with a traditional Parallels RAS Farm. When Tenants join the Tenant Broker, Themes are pulled from the Tenant's RAS Connection Broker and added to the configuration of every shared RAS Secure Gateway.

When connecting to a Tenant Farm via the Web Client, a user must enter the Tenant public domain address (not the gateway address). The correct Theme is then used by the shared gateway as follows:

  • The default Tenant Theme is used when the user enters the default URL: https://<public-tenant-address>.

  • A specific Theme is used when the user adds the Theme name after the Tenant address: https://<public-tenant-address>/<Theme-name>

Web Client configuration

The Web Client is normally configured on the RAS Secure Gateway level (the User Portal tab in the gateway Properties dialog). When configuring a Theme, you have the ability to override the gateway settings by specifying them for a specific Theme in a Tenant Farm. To do so, in the Tenant RAS Console, select a Theme, open its properties and then select the Gateway category where you can specify your own settings. For more information, see Web Client Theme settings > Secure Gateway.

Viewing Tenant Themes in Tenant Broker

If you are a Tenant Broker administrator, you can view Tenant Themes right in the Tenant Broker console:

  1. In the Tenant Broker console, select Farm > Tenants.

  2. Select a Tenant and click Tasks > View tenant themes.

  3. The dialog opens where you can view Themes that were pulled from the Tenant and added to the configuration of every RAS Secure Gateway in the Tenant Broker.

Use this functionality to ensure that all Tenant Themes are properly synchronized on the Tenant Broker side, so when users connect to a Tenant through Tenant Broker, the appropriate Theme is used.

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