Other useful features

Other useful functionality on the main User Portal screen includes the following:

  • Favorites list. You can add a remote application or a desktop to the Favorites list, so you can easily find them. To do so, point to or tap an application or a desktop and then click or tap the "star" icon. To view the list, select the Favorites tab at the top of the list. To remove a resource from the list, point to it and click the "X" icon (or point to or tap the resource icon and then click or tap the start icon).

  • Search. To search for a resource, begin typing its name in the Search box (upper right). The list will be filtered as you type to contain only the resources with matching names.

  • List view. You can switch between the grid and the list view by clicking the icon below the search box. The list view allows you to see the descriptions of the published resources.

  • View a description in the grid view. To view a resource description in the grid view, position the mouse pointer over it. The description will appear as a tooltip. This could be helpful if one or more resources are published using the same name. By reading the description, you can distinguish between them.

  • Taskbar. When you launch a remote application or a desktop, its icon is added to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. When the taskbar is full, items of the same type are grouped to save space. You can click or tap on a group to see the list of all running instances and to switch to or close a particular instance.

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