Direct App access

Specific published resources in Parallels RAS 18 may be directly accessed through RAS Web Client. This can be achieved with the introduction of a new parameter, appid, which allows administrator to use links to access the published resource directly. This allows a more flexible and easier way for users to access Parallels RAS published resources such as using browser shortcuts or bookmarks or third-party portals such as Azure My Apps Portal to access independent SAAS applications and Parallels RAS virtual apps and desktops.

To launch a published resource directly, you need to specify a URL using one of the following formats:

URL formatDescription


This format omits the Theme name and uses the default

Web Client Theme.

The "appid" parameter specifies the published resource ID as seen in the Publishing category in the RAS Console. The ID is automatically generated when a resource is published. To see it, select a published resource and examine the Application field on the Information tab. For example, #5: Microsoft Office Word — the application ID of the Microsoft World here is 5.


This format is similar to the one above, but specifies a Theme name.


This format is the same as the one above, but uses the full URL specification. It is listed here just for reference.

Supported parameters:



The published item (application or desktop) to be launched.


[Optional]. URL Encoded Override arguments that needs to be passed to the published application.



When opening a published resource using a direct link, the Auto login option is also used depending on the settings.

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