Font management

Fonts need to be embedded so that when printing a document using Universal Printing the document is copied to the local spooler of the client machine to be printed. If the fonts are not present on the client machine the print out would not be correct.

To control the embedding of fonts within a print job use the Fonts Management tab page and check/uncheck the option Embed Fonts.

Excluding fonts from embedding

To exclude a specific font type from being embedded, click Tasks > Add in the Exclude the following Fonts from embedding section and select a font from the list.

Automatically install fonts on servers and clients

To automatically install a specific font type on servers and clients, click Tasks > Add in the Auto install fonts section and select the fonts from the list.

Note: By default, fonts added to the auto-install list will be excluded from the embedding list because the fonts would be installed on the Windows clients, therefore, there is no need for them to be embedded. Clear the option Automatically exclude font from embedding in the select font dialog so the font is not excluded from the embedding list.

Resetting excluded fonts to default

To reset the list of excluded fonts to default, click Tasks > Reset to default.

You can also specify a universal printing compression policy. For more info see Client Policies > Experience.

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