Managing multi-provider template distribution

For the description of the Multi-Provider Template Distribution feature, please see the Multi-provider template distribution section.

Adding or removing Providers from the distribution list

You can add or remove a Provider to/from a distribution list at any time using the template Properties dialog. To open the dialog, right-click a template on the VDI > Templates tab and choose Properties.

Template distribution status

After you complete the Create Parallels Template Wizard and create a template, or when you add/remove a Provider to/from an existing template, you can monitor the template distribution status on the Templates tab. The status is displayed in the Distribution column and may have the following values:

  • Distributing — the distribution is in progress (the template is being distributed to target hosts).

  • OK — the template has been successfully distributed to all specified hosts.

  • Removing / Adding provider — A Provider is being added or removed.

  • Failed to distribute — indicates that an error has occurred during the distribution operation.

Distribution details

The Tasks > Distribution details menu on the Templates tab opens a dialog where you can view the current distribution State and Progress indicators for the Providers that use this template.

The Progress column displays the same values as the Distribution column in the main template list (see above).

The State column may display one of the following:

  • Ready — The Provider is ready.

  • Not available — The Provider is not responding.

  • Needs update — The template distribution operation may need to be performed again. You can click the Retry button to retry the template distribution operation for this host.

Leaving maintenance mode

When a template leaves the maintenance mode, a prompt is usually displayed saying that "All hosts must be recreated because the template has been modified. Do you want to recreate them now?". If the administrator clicks Yes and the template uses multi-provider distribution, Parallels RAS verifies the status of each provider. If a Provider is not responding, a message is displayed, asking the administrator to check the provider status. You can bring the provider back online and try recreating the hosts again. If this cannot be done at this time, you can recreate the hosts later.

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