Use the Preparation page to select and configure an image preparation tool.

Note: When you specify properties on this page, they are remembered in your personal configuration file on the local machine. The next time you decide to create another template, the fields here will be populated automatically using the values you used the last time.

First, select whether you want to use RASprep or Sysprep. The advantages of using RASprep and the differences between the two tools are described below.

RASprep is the Parallels RAS tool for preparing Windows in a VM after cloning it from a base image. RASprep performs the following tasks during the initial startup of each new VM:

  • Creates a new computer account in Active Directory for each host.

  • Gives the host a new name.

  • Joins the host to the Active Directory domain.

Compared to Sysprep, RASprep works much faster because it modifies a lower number of configurable parameters and requires less reboots.

Note: Due to API limitations, RASprep cannot be used on Windows Server 2008 machines.

The following table lists the main differences between RASprep and Sysprep:


Delete local accounts



Generate new SIDs



Unjoin the parent host from the domain



Change computer name



Join the new instance to the domain



Language, regional settings, date and time customization



Number of reboots


2 (seal, mini-setup and domain joining)

After selecting the preparation tool, specify the following options:

  • Computer name: A name pattern that should be used to assign a computer name. For example, Windows10-RAS-%ID%.

  • Owner name: Owner name (optional).

  • Organization: Organization name (optional).

  • Administrative password: Local Windows administrator password.

  • Join domain: A domain name for the VM to join.

  • Administrator: Domain account.

  • Password: Domain account password.

  • Target OU: Full DN of an organizational unit. Click the [...] button to browse Active Directory and select an OU.

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