Configure an SSL certificate

The public domain address assigned to a Tenant must have a matching certificate. The Tenant Broker admin must create a certificate for every Tenant in the Tenant Broker console. Shared RAS Secure Gateways must then be configured to use these certificates. Tenant certificates are created and managed in Parallels RAS the same way as other certificates using the Farm > Site > Certificates subcategory. For the complete information about how to create certificates and how to assign them to RAS Secure Gateways and HALB, please see the SSL Certificate Management chapter.

When a user connects to the Tenant's public domain address, a certificate with the common name matching the requested public domain address is selected automatically for every connection. The first available certificate is used which might not be the self-signed (say it was deleted)

If no matching certificate is found, the default self-signed certificate will be used, but the user will see a certificate warning in the web browser.

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