Deploying a Parallels HALB appliance

To download a Parallels HALB appliance, visit

On the Download Parallels Remote Application Server web page, scroll down to the Download Optional Server Components table and find the Parallels Remote Application Server HALB Appliances row. The row contains the following download links:

  • HALB Appliance OVA

  • HALB Appliance VHD

  • HALB Appliance VMDK

The appliance type that you need to download depends on the hypervisor that you are using. Please follow the instructions below for your hypervisor type.


For VMware, the appliance can be imported with either the OVA or zipped VMDK appliance file. If deployed via the OVA file, the VM is created already configured.

Alternatively, deployment via the VMDK file deploys the VM without preconfigured specifications. The minimum specifications for this VM are outlined below:

  • One CPU

  • 256 MB RAM

  • One network card

Microsoft Hyper-V

For Microsoft Hyper-V, the appliance is imported with the VHD file.

Deploying a Parallels HALB appliance

After you download a Parallels HALB appliance, you need to import it to a hypervisor running on a separate machine connected to the same local network as Parallels RAS. For the information on how to import a virtual appliance, please consult your hypervisor documentation.

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