Monitoring settings

The Monitoring Settings functionality allows you to add colors to thresholds to identify Warning and Critical levels for better aid to Administrators or helpdesk.

To configure monitoring settings, in the Sessions category or Sessions tabs, click Tasks > Monitoring settings. The dialog opens where you can configure settings for various session metrics:

  1. Select a metric for which you want to enable color coding.

  2. Specify a threshold in the Warning and Critical columns. The Warning threshold is denoted by the orange color. The Critical threshold is denoted by the red color.

  3. If you want to see just the Critical color (red), then set both thresholds to the same value, in which case only the red color will be used when the threshold is reached.

When a metric with color coding enabled is below any of the specified thresholds, it is highlighted with the green color in the session list. When a threshold is reached, the value of a metric is highlighted using the corresponding threshold color (orange or red). Note that critical threshold value can be greater or equal to warning threshold value. In case both warning and critical values are equal then the critical color coding is used which is red.

Monitoring Settings are set globally, which means that other RAS admins will be able to see and change them.

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